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All our therapist are either registered or certified and hold all the necessary licences to be practicing in Quebec.


A massage that is entirely focused to calm the nervous system. A relaxation massage is exceptionally beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood by increasing circulation throughout the body, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation and is most known to decrease levels of stress.


A massage with stronger pressure aimed to release deeper muscle layers.  A deep tissue massage is especially beneficial for relieving chronic muscle pain, improves limited mobility, postural problems, aids sport related recovery and is injury preventive.


A massage that is aimed to treat a specific muscle group. This massage can be combined with a general Swedish massage (relaxation massage) while having a more therapeutic approach on a specified muscle group. A therapeutic massage is a combination of deep tissue massage, passive stretches and trigger point therapy.


Specific therapeutic technique that meets the needs of an athlete. This particular treatment is aimed at relaxing specific tension and preparing the body for a given activity.


Kinesitherapy is a massage and movement based therapy. Kinesitherapy is a therapeutic technique that involves the entire pathology as a holistic system. This technique helps the treated body part to regain complete range of motion gradually without any pain. Kinesitherapy is a advanced massage therapy technique that employs deep tissue massage, passive and active stretches, mobilizations as well as different exercises.


This massage is mostly performed without any oil and slower maneuvers. Myofascial release is a soft tissue therapy for the treatment of skeletal muscle immobility and pain. The therapy releases contracted muscles, improves cardiovascular and lymphatic circulation, and improves range of motion/flexibility.


Trigger point therapy is very effective in reducing muscular spasms and releasing local muscular tension. Your therapist may use this technique during your deep tissue massage to focus on a deeper release on specific muscles.


Osteopathic technique with the goal to relieve compression in the head, neck and back. This can soothe pain and release both emotional / physical stress and tension. It’s also thought to help restore cranial mobility and ease or release restrictions of the head, neck and nerves.


Your therapist is specialized in this specialty to provide a treatment protocol to the needs of a future mother. The main focus of this treatment is to provide a better circulation throughout the entire body and to treat the area’s that result to compression and stiffness due to the expansion of the abdomen.


This treatment’s main objective is to release muscle tension and improve mobility of the related joint. It can be done with clothes on or integrated into the massage treatment. Similar to Thai yoga massage only more precise and targeted.


Osteopathy is a non-invasive manual therapy which aims to improve health across all body systems by mobilising and strengthening the musculoskeletal framework.


Specific treatment aiming to realign to your body to it’s natural alignment. Your therapist will start the session by assessing your current posture with a holistic approach. Following the visual and active/passive tests, your therapist will provide a treatment protocol aimed to release the over compensated muscles in order to realign your body.

Many massage types can be combined in 1 treatment, following your health history and the reason of your visit, your therapist will provide a treatment protocol tailored to your needs.

A receipt for insurance will be provided to you by your therapist.